Bitpanda quiz cevapları

Bitpanda quiz cevapları : Bitpanda isimli kripto para borsasında hediye 5 euro kampanyasına kayıt olurken sorulan 15 soruluk quizin cevaplarının ne olduğu merak ediliyor.

Bitpanda quiz cevapları

  1. The dark net
  2. Nick Szabo
  3. …are split among miners in proportion to their share of computing power in the mining pool
  4. In my hardware wallet
  5. …criminals that mine cryptocurrency on your computer without you knowing
  6. …a computer in Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network
  7. …the highly speculative nature of cryptocurrency trading
  8. A way to raise money and distribute new coins or tokens
  9. …only legitimate transactions are verified in the blockchain
  10. …access funds on a blockchain together with a public key
  11. …when demand for Bitcoin goes up
  12. …you can easily add an additional layer of security to accessing your data
  13. …is an indicator that keeps track of the market value pf a cryptocurrency
  14. …issued and controlled by central banks and governments
  15. Soft Fork

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